My travel companions

Jax, born december 2011, border collie. My beloved son. With a sensibility of a poet, but once up to a task, he gives it his all and then some. He likes to train agility and catch frisbee the most, but given a choice, he’d probably rather spend a better part of his days swimming. With a positive attitude towards all the dogs (especially the girls), initially wary of strangers, but once he finds a person even-tempered, he makes quick friends. He loves the outdoors and chases with his brother. If he was human, he ought to be a mathematician, he’s like a skeptical calculator keeping the rest of our team grounded. He’d follow me anywhere, even to the end of the world, because we are connected by an invisible bond.

High, born march 2015, border collie. High becouse he’s always stoned, but, yes, he’s also very tall. He has a beautiful, chocolate coat, soft fur, and an exceptionally handsome face. He is a friend to all and always open to meeting new dogs and people. He loves to play, be silly, train agility and most of all he loves to swim for hours on end (just as Jax). The world has yet to see a more cheerful and heartfelt dog. If he was human I’m sure he’d be a Jamaican rastaman. I find him a natural born traveler, the ease of making new friends, peaceful nature, an open mind and a smile that never leaves his face make him a perfect companion in any setting. I think this dog is just always and constantly happy and he doesn’t need much from life to keep it that way.